Top 5… Affordable Ways To Change Up Your Room

As someone who spends a lot of time at home and in my room, I think it is important to have a change of scenery. To be able to create a desired aesthetic in order to improve your mindset and mood. But alterations need not be expensive or extensive. So here we are…

My top five ways to change up your room:

Add Shelves

Shelves come in all shapes, colours and designs and can suit any room decor. They provide endless possibilities, with many unique ways to fill yours. A selection of books arranged in colour or size order may be an option. Or some photographs, candles and ornaments. Whatever you choose it won’t cost you much time or effort. If you look in the right place- shops like Argos, Wilkos and The Range- you will find surprisingly good value for money. Furthermore, you don’t need skill or a suitable wall type to hang them. I simply buy and use specialist Velcro attachments (can’t currently remember the specific name, but feel free to comment if you know or need me to find out). You can obviously then decorate the shelves as you wish with any possessions you want to display. Simple as that! Room transformed.

Add A Feature Wall

Using contrasting paint, images, paintings, clusters of photo frames, collages or even a poster. Adding interest to one wall and leaving others bare can provide a real statement and make any room appear bigger. Just make sure you stick to one wall/one section of a wall that is in view but not overly distracting (maybe not directly behind a TV, for example), and it should provide a sophisticated air to the room.

Change Your Upholstery

By changing curtains, bedding, rugs, cushions or blinds, you can quickly (and fairly inexpensively) transform your room. For a modern feel you could go for sleek, monochrome colours. If you want a fun look you may choose clashing colours and patterns. Either way, by changing a piece of, or even all of your upholstery, you can be sure to see a transformation in the appearance of any room.

Take Some Photos

Photographs can be used in garlands, photo walls, frames and more to update any room. This also adds interest and provides an uplifting distraction for anyone in the room.


Furniture, walls, intricate details and more. Pretty self explanatory. Find some paint, grab your brush, and get started.


Top 5… Inspirational quotes

Ok, so I feel this is the most appropriate way to start my blog. Everyone needs a bit of light in their life and I’m hoping I can help with that. Right then, here we go- my current top 5 inspirational quotes are:

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may realise they were the big things 

I think this is a sentiment we often forget, but we shouldn’t. To find happiness we cannot ignore everything we have, however small, when striving for our hopes. To dismiss what we have and only yearn for what is not within our reach is asking for an unfulfilled life full of disappointment. It is not easy to remember, I myself have been guilty of forgetting. It just takes for someone to remind you of the little things in order to create a big change. A big change in life.

The best thing about memories is making them

Similar to the message above, we need to develop an awareness of the current situation we are in and learn to appreciate it. For one day it may no longer be so easy to repeat.

Whatever happens just keep on smiling

No matter what you are going through, we always have an ability to help those less fortunate. This may consist of grand gestures or a simple helping hand. In the end the world continues turning and one day a much needed favour may be returned. One thing is sure, even a smile can change someone’s day.

Getting lost will help you find yourself

I feel anybody can relate to this on some level. For me my illness meant I had to abandon my education and my job, my exercise hobby and more. To you it may have been limiting unexpected grades, a disastrous event or a tragic loss. Whatever it may be, we must learn that the ‘getting lost’ may bring with it new opportunities never before noticed. It may change your life for the better, so stick with it. Soon your bumpy track may become a smooth sailing road.

I am not weird, I am limited edition 

At some point in our lives, we all struggle with self confidence. I personally find it a constant battle. But we must remember we are all unique and beautiful in our own ways. Never forget that you are special. No one can do you better than you.


If you have made it this far thank you. I’m grateful for any support I receive. Thank you.


So, I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing here as I am certainly not a tech fanatic and I am actually fairly inept in computing. Please go easy on me.

I have been wanting to create a blog for some time, but was never quite sure how. I came across this website and thought it would be a convenient way to get started. As I have recently been diagnosed with CFS/ME I have had to leave college and my part-time job. Being stuck at home, I felt it would be nice to focus my energy, or lack thereof, on something productive…

So here I am!

I’m hoping this blog can be a light-hearted and useful medium for everyone who comes across it. The idea is to give you five picks of mine on a regular basis to help or entertain you in various aspects of your lives. With many interests, I’m sure I will have something for everyone, whether it be book recommendations, craft ideas, recent buys, inspiration and life quotes or boredom busters. Whatever it is, you can be sure to have five lovely thoughts and ideas to take away with you.

If anyone has read this, thank you so much.

I hope to talk to you again soon.

Life is not about waiting for the rain to pass, it is about learning to dance in the rain